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Wow! That Feng Shui stuff really works!

Sorry, once again it’s been forever since I posted anything. This time I really mean it when I say things have been busy. New job, Eddie’s treatments, the dog getting sick and  now meeting someone and falling in love after thinking … Continue reading

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Keeping the Joy in childhood- It’s all about Carlitos!

So this week was Carlitos’ 4th birthday. I’ve been getting alot of requests to see the pictures, but felt this required more than just an update on my Facebook page. Of course I went overboard and have been planning for weeks- we went … Continue reading

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If I talked to you on the phone tonight, here’s what i’d tell ya!

Ok, don’t you just love blogging- I feel like I’m just yacking it up with my friends but I don’t have to repeat the story! BTW, if you are not interested in hearing from me via the blog, please email … Continue reading

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Pizza Night! (How to make NY Pizza at home, wherever you live! And save $$$!)

What?! Alright, supposedly there is something to do with the water, but really, when you live in Florida or many other places, it really is not as easy to get the best pizza when you grew up in NY. People in … Continue reading

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Friends are family too!

So I’ve been living in Florida now for 5-7 years, I can’t keep it straight, it was off and on, you know, winters here, summers in NY, one condo then another, sharing a house with my sister, blah blah blah. We … Continue reading

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Carlitos has a LOTTA cousins!

Well, I am really enjoying the blogging. There’s so much I want to tell you – even if it’s just a printout for my boy when he gets older. Carlitos and I just got home from a visit to see some … Continue reading

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