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Thanksgiving 2018

11/22/2018 There’s a lot on my mind. That’s I guess what happens when someone close to you dies, a lot of reflection happens, and it helps you step back and really think about what you’re doing. I would say the … Continue reading

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Until We Meet Again…

Haven’t written a blog in oh, 7 years or so. Maybe it’s time to get back to it. What a week. You know my family has seen it’s share of tragedies, and I myself have some experience with death and … Continue reading

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Who’s luckier than me?

So this blogpost title has been sitting around for a while. I started writing about how lucky I am- I had just been hired back by American Express, working virtual from my kitchen in Sarasota FL. I started working at … Continue reading

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The Country Bunny and Little Gold Shoes

So I went to the Goodwill bookstore the other day for a fresh crop of books to read to Carlitos. I get bored reading the same books over and over again, and with the late fees I was subject to … Continue reading

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What? Tofu parmigiana?

Freaking Oprah, gets me to try these crazy things. So I saw her recent show where the entire staff went vegan for 2 weeks. It featured a very likable and convincing woman, Kathy Freston, whose book I bought LAST year … Continue reading

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Keeping the Joy in childhood- It’s all about Carlitos!

So this week was Carlitos’ 4th birthday. I’ve been getting alot of requests to see the pictures, but felt this required more than just an update on my Facebook page. Of course I went overboard and have been planning for weeks- we went … Continue reading

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Why is there a pile of orange peels behind my chair in the living room?

So I went and posted 4x in a week for the New Year, and now nothing for weeks. Well, I’ve been a little busy here in DinoWorld. Getting ready for Carlitos’ 4th birthday, and I’ve gone a little craft crazy. … Continue reading

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