Keeping the Joy in childhood- It’s all about Carlitos!

So this week was Carlitos’ 4th birthday. I’ve been getting alot of requests to see the pictures, but felt this required more than just an update on my Facebook page. Of course I went overboard and have been planning for weeks- we went with a dinosaur theme, it was awesome. Just a simple party at the park. (Hehehe) Followed by dinner for 12 at home.  

One of the benefits of being a Mom to a son is that you get to do all of the things you maybe weren’t into yourself as a child, so alot is semi-new to both of us.Eggs drying all over the house for weeks! So for the past couple of weeks we’ve been making paper mache balloon dinosaur eggs, which required more work than I anticipated- 2 coats of paper mache, drying time, breaking them open to stuff with candy and toys, fix the hole and then finally painting them. Loading 9 of them into the car and then hiding them at the park.

Grandma getting ready to hide the eggs

 The kids were so excited to find them, and then they broke them open in 60 seconds and were ready to move on. Holy cr*p!


The final coat before painting was papertowel for texture

I also made a T-Rex out of some recyclable materials, paper mache and paper towels, paint and toothpicks. Basically he was built using an orange juice container, 2 soda cans, paper towl and toilet paper rolls and the inside wires from a broken umbrella. Plus lots of masking tape and newspapers.

He’s looking like a dinosaur now!

Carlitos of course wants to play with it and it’s not built to last, I’m hoping we get a month out of it. Thankfully he got a great big rubber T-Rex from Grandma and Grandpa,  he looks like he can take the heat.

I also made dinosaur/fossil eggs, which were a playdoh like dough with coffee grinds and glitter, slow baked in a low-temp oven. The kids loved these, they dug out the dinosaurs with hammers and spoons, and brushed them off with paintbrushes just like real paleontologists.

the mix for the fossil eggs

The dinosaurs that were inside the fossil eggs

The fossil eggs which were baked at 170 degrees for about 90 minutes



Of course there was some drama – the week before the party I threw my back out, which really put a cramp in my plans. And then the order for 2 dozen dinosaur skeletons, 6 pairs of monster clomper feet and the dinosaur Christmas tree ornament craft didn’t arrive by the day before the party- yikes! I had to call customer service and tell them they were ruining my life. They overnighted a replacement box at no charge- whew!

Luckily the day before the party I got this email, which just reminded me to take a step back, relax and have some fun instead of getting into a frenzy of house cleaning, cooking and crazy crafting:

Thank God that showed up. I had been contemplating painting myself a Mommysaurus shirt- a big green sparkly dinosaur on a plain shirt I had in the closet. Oh yeah, the party isn’t about me and what other totally cool thing I can come up with for me to make and them to do at the party. It’s about my wonderful 4 year old boy who happens to be going through a dinosaur phase. And who really doesn’t care if the dinner is fancy or the rug didn’t get washed. He just wants to have a turn frosting the cupcakes and using the masking tape.

So we got up in the morning and went to IHOP with Grandma and Grandpa, and partied all day and night! I think he had a great day. Today we brought cupcakes to school, and that’s it till next year! Whew. Except I promised to make red-hot cinammon playdoh with sparkles for his class for Monday, and we haven’t even taken out the Valentines Day decorations yet- gotta go!

Thanks Aunt Jeanine for the very cool Stegosaurus cake!Dinosaur crafts!Testing out the fossil excavation tools

Digging out the dinosaur!

Ah, the cupcake thief!

Clomper stompers or monster feet