Wow! That Feng Shui stuff really works!

Sorry, once again it’s been forever since I posted anything. This time I really mean it when I say things have been busy. New job, Eddie’s treatments, the dog getting sick and  now meeting someone and falling in love after thinking it would never happen again.

When I came home from my big trip to NY last summer (I think we were gone for 6 weeks- yes, that IS big!), I decided to invest in a Feng Shui consultation. You know, the way your home is arranged affects your life. So I had Cheryl Grace come over for a 2 hour consultation. We sat at the table and talked about my life, what was working, what wasn’t, and changes I wanted to make. Then we took a tour of the house and went through some changes I could make pretty easily to have my home align with the Bagua map. (Just google it, i don’t have time to explain it all). Here’s her website if you’re local and you want to try it out.

So I moved some things, bought a couple of things to fill in the blanks she mentioned. it felt pretty good. If you know me you know my husband Franco died about 15 years ago, and since then I’ve been single. Sure I’ve gone on a few dates, but nothing serious. Plus I was not working for about 2 years- which was ok with me, but still, I needed to get started moving forward in the career area. Family and friends, all good.

What was funny to me was my “romantic relationship” area. I had a 7 foot tall cactus sitting in the middle of it. She laughed- do you think that means anything? I have to say alot of times I have shied away from some interested parties. Maybe I’d be ok by myself. So my Mom has had her eye on that cactus for a couple of years, so I bought her a new pot and had my brother come over and pick it up and bring to her house as a birthday gift. I also made sure that everything in the area was in pairs. I’d have to pull out the notes to see what I had on there for career.

So back in Feb/March, I got a call from someone I used to work with at American Express, who told me about a job they’d be posting. So I applied, got the job over 89 other candidates and am back.

Then about a month and half ago my neighbor asked me out for dinner. What?

I had told him he could keep his motorcycle in my garage. He had moved to the next building after breaking up a few months before with my next door neighbor, and there wasn’t any space for him to keep his bike. I came home after visiting Eddie in the hospital one night, and he was outside, so I just told him, there’s plenty of room in my garage if he wanted to keep his bike there until he figured something else out.

I’ve known him for about 2 years- he’s a retired Marine, spent alot of time outside working on his bike. He was always nice to me and Charlie, we’d see him around, walking the dog, coming home from one thing or another. He was out working on his bike while I was out drying a dozen paper mache dinosaur eggs for Carlitos’s birthday party. (and if he didn’t think I was crazy after that, I guess he’s a keeper!) He’s a single Dad with a 12 year old daughter that is his number 1 priority. I really hadn’t considered a romantic relationship with him. He thinks I’m full of cr*p, but really, I didn’t.  

So he started calling me every time he took the bike out or put it away. I was like, listen Sal, you don’t have to tell me every time, but he told me it was just respect. Ok, I can live with that. Then he started coming to the pool with us. I came home from Mother’s day out with my family and he was there. He asked me out to dinner, and I kind of freaked out. What? I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I was too busy. I had just been back to work for a month, and in my spare time I was doing everything I could to be there for my sister and her family while they went through this crisis with Eddie. I tried to blow it off, but eventually I said to myself, why not? So I called him and told him while it was hard for me to get out for dinner, I’m usually free for lunch.

So we went out a couple of days later for lunch. It was nice to get dressed up again, and there wasn’t so much pressure, I knew him for a long time. What was funny to me was that he told ME how nervous HE was. He couldn’t even finish his lunch.

Fast forward to today- he’s moving in with us. We’ve had our ups and downs, meeting my family, dealing with Carlitos and his feelings about potentially having a Dad in his life but losing the “just the two of us” relationship he and I have shared for most of his life. He’s a wonderful man- he’s fought in 3 wars for our country, and there are some scars associated with that. He looks damn good in a uniform- ask my Mom, she met him for the first time on Memorial Day. He built his own Harley chopper and most of the time he wears shirts with the sleeves and neck cut out because he can’t stand to have anything around his neck. He was also a policeman, he grew up on a ranch in California and he’s half Cherokee, half Chicano. He’s got a dozen body-building trophies. He came with me when I had to put my dog down- and cried with me too. He’s like no-one I’ve ever met before.

We went to buy fireworks at lunch last week- he still likes to blow things up. Today we cleaned out the garage together to make room for his tools, I made London Broil and baked potatoes for dinner, his daughter and her friend spent the day setting up her bedroom here and we went and set off some fireworks at her Mom’s house. Beautiful Day.

So maybe that Feng Shui stuff really works- what a wonderful world. And once again I have to say- How lucky am I?

Happy July 4th- take some time to thank someone you know who has served our country and our freedom, and for the sacrifices and impact it’s made on them, their families and their lives. I know that’s what I’ll be doing.


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18 Responses to Wow! That Feng Shui stuff really works!

  1. Christine says:

    Deb! Congratulations! What a lovely story. I wish you every happiness in the world.

  2. Teri says:

    Deb, I’m so happy for you, Charlie, and Sal! He sounds like a great guy and you deserve only the best! I can’t wait to see you when you come to NY, we have alot to catch up on. Give Charlie a big hug and kiss for me. Love You!

  3. Aunt Jan says:

    Happy Fourth to you, Charlie and Sal…I would like to start this day by thanking your new found love for his time spent serving our Country…looking forward to seeing you next week and to meeting Sal in the near future. Love you. Aunt Jan.

  4. Rob Taphouse says:

    Deb I am really happy for you and Charlie!!!! In the time that I have spent with Sal I can tell he is a great guy!!!!! I am happy that you have found someone and that Charlie will have a Father figure in his life. As long as you and Charlie are happy that’s all that matters.

  5. Janet Dunn says:

    We could not be happier for you and Charlie! You both deserve the best. Sal looks like a great guy. Can’t wait to meet him and his daughter when we visit Florida this winter.

  6. Laurita says:

    Deb…you are beautiful and amazing. I am happy for all of you and wish you a great trip up North. Love and Hugs, Laura Across the Street

  7. Rebecca Burke says:

    I am tickled pink for you and for Charlie. What a story you have and always will because you are that way….living life like you mean it!
    xo rebecca

  8. chris says:

    I could not be happier for you all! You deserve the best Deb. & Sal sounds like a very
    nice guy…..congrats!!!!

  9. Noreen Dengler says:

    Oh Debbie, I’m so very happy for you all! Your writning expains the story beautifully. A life change for you as well. Hopefully we’ll have time to chat when you’re here. Love ya, Noreen

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