The Country Bunny and Little Gold Shoes

So I went to the Goodwill bookstore the other day for a fresh crop of books to read to Carlitos. I get bored reading the same books over and over again, and with the late fees I was subject to at the library, I figure I might as well buy them at Goodwill since they’re pretty inexpensive. I picked up at least 20 children’s books the other day for a total of $30. Plus Carlitos likes to read them over and over again, and he’s been really into Richard Scarry and the Berenstein Bears lately.

While I was there I ended up on a trip back in time, to when I was little and my Mom used to read me a book about a little country bunny who became one of the special Easter Bunny team, even though she was smaller and not as athletic, the only girl, and apparantly a single Mom of 21 baby bunnies.

Here's the country bunny in the Easter Palacae getting ready to deliver Easter eggs to children around the world

I recognized the picture on the front cover, and then when I read it to Carlitos that night, it was like a crazy flood of memories- I remembered every picture in the book, more than the story. It was like discovering a lost treasure, something long forgotten, but that was ingrained in my memory. I remember  that hall of Easter eggs in my mind, thousands of colored, sparkling eggs spilling onto the floor in every design imaginable. I love stuff like that- I have bought quite a few things that reminded me of things from my childhood- Dawn Dolls, Liddle Kiddles, Kanockers, and my all-time favorite childhood book, “Nothing at All”, by Wanda Gagg.

Last night Carlitos had his first offical sleepover- his 2 cousins came with us to Build-A-Bear, and when we came home we built tents in the living room and made brownies. I  remind myself sometimes to just let the mess get out of hand once in a while, let them just have fun and drag it all out. I wonder what they’re going to remember about this time in their lives when they get older.

I plan on reading this book to Carlitos for many years to come at Easter time. I showed it to my sister this morning and she remembers it too. I’m sure Grandma will enjoy seeing this book again as well.

I love that. Have you come across anything that transported you back in time?


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5 Responses to The Country Bunny and Little Gold Shoes

  1. Sarah F. says:

    I LOVED this book as a kid, mostly for the illustrations. I just remembered and ordered a few others that I loved so I could read them to my kids. Pippa Mouse and Peter’s Pockets were the ones I ordered. The ones that have taken me way back were Courdoroy by Don Freeman, A Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, Mike Mulligan & His Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton and The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. Thanks for sharing. Love the trips down memory lane. I’m going to look up the ones from your list since I haven’t read any of them.

  2. whammie says:

    omg as soon as i saw that picture i remembered that book…..luv it!!

  3. Laura Across the Street says:

    Deb and Sarah,

    Yes, I LOVED ALL of the books that you both mentioned. What a treat! Thank you for sharing. Wow, how visual we are as we were growing!

    Hugs, L

  4. Mom says:

    I have fond memories of reading to you all when you were little. Glad it paid off. You used to take lunch to the library on Saturdays and you said the librarian told you it was okay to take out as many books as you could carry.

  5. rebecca says:

    Just wonderful and heartwarming as usual. Always a great way to end a day. I went on the tour of kitchens in Manatee County and all of the places were very close to where my sister lived so I had many memories today that were sometimes sad but I loved to come home tonight and read this and know that my childhood memories are still intact. Thanks, Deb for memory lane…

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