Happy 1-1-11 !

What happened? I meant to post alot over the holidays, our best Christmas ever, and it didn’t work out. Well, I was busy! Looking back, I was alot more organized than in years past, but still got overwhelmed in the end, oh well. How did I ever do this when I had a full time job?  For me, Christmas is about the whole month prior to the day, and once it gets here I’m ready to have a drive through dinner, take a nap and snap my fingers and hope the undecorating fairy arrives before I wake up.

I was a little over-ambitious, wanting to do the Advent calendar every day of the month with a special themed event and make alot of my Christmas gifts. It didn’t happen quite that way, but we had alot of fun! We did have Grinch night, a train ride with Santa, made a gingerbread house, baked cookies, watched many Christmas specials together and  nights driving around looking at lights. I hope your holidays were everything you wished for, and you took some time to enjoy and reflect. This time of year is when I really miss my friends and family that are out of state, but with Facebook, Kodak Gallery, the phone and blogging, it’s a whole new world of staying in touch that makes it so much easier to not be together physically.

We saw Santa so many times though, I wonder what Carlitos thinks of it. It hasn’t dawned on him yet to even ask about it.

I did some crafting this holiday- I made each of the kids a collage of themselves with their favorite characters, and some family memory treasure boxes. I got the idea for those from Family fun magazine last year and finally did something with it.

I bought unfinished wood treasure chests at the craft store, finished them and decorated them, and stuck in a poem and some “Santa surveys” for the kids to fill out every year- about themselves. They should be fun to look back on as they fill up over the years.

I think that was my theme for the holidays- making memories. There are so many things I remember from my past holidays- sitting on the ice cold vinyl in the back seat of the station wagon on the way home from Christmas Eve in Astoria, singing Christmas carols along with 101 WCBS FM, Mom’s swedish meatballs, sharing the bright red lipstick with my aunts and cousins, the thrill of excitement coming downstairs on Christmas morning to a wonderland of toys under the tree.  Well, I gotta get back to Candyland, play-doh and train sets. See you in the New Year!

What kind of treasured memories did you make this year?


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7 Responses to Happy 1-1-11 !

  1. Laura Across the Street says:

    The kids have grown so very much! Wow, Charlie, such a big boy and I just saw him this August! Can’t wait for our New Years time together. I too very much miss family and friends. Great job, Love and Hugs, Yawa, Lola, Laura Across the Street

  2. rebecca says:

    As always another stellar write up. What a memorable Christmas!! My best!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Mom says:

    It was a great year for us and we are very lucky to have our children and grandchildren close by to spend time with. I appreciate all your work in keeping the family memories recorded. Hope 2011 is even better.

  4. Noreen Dengler says:

    Simply fabuous!

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