Yahoo, it’s almost Christmas!

I know, complain all you want about Christmas stuff out at Halloween, personally, I can hardly wait till Thanksgiving weekend so I can start decorating. Of course, I am also completely UNdecorated on New Year’s Day, I’m so sick of it all by then. It occured to me that this is probably going to be my BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! Carlitos is almost 4 years old, and understands SO much more. One more holiday season not officially employed, and I plan to really soak it all in. I am taking the time to make alot of my Christmas gifts, and I am really cutting back on how much cr*p I buy this year. (Me and alot of other people from what I hear).

I’ve been thinking lately of becoming a minimalist. Ok, not completely, but moving closer in that direction. I have a few “collection” problems- books, arts and crafts stuff, pictures, old jewelry. About 10 years ago I went through a kind of minimalist phase- I was reading alot of “simple living” stuff. One book in particular that stuck out for me was Your Money or Your Life by Vicky Robin and Joe Dominguez. I also enjoyed and still have The Simple Living Guide by Janet Luhrs. I even have some videotapes– Affluenza and Escape from Affluenza that were pretty good. Let me know if you want to borrow any of them, I’m happy to share.

I think that particular phase in my life has greatly contributed to my financial ability to take this time off from work to enjoy raising my son and figure out my new path for the future. Well, that and some well timed real estate transactions, hehe.

I’ve been decluttering things again, getting rid of bins of toys, doubles of things I had accumulated because I owned 2 homes for a while,  clothes, etc. The hardest thing for me to get rid of is books. I want to spend less time maintaining our stuff and more time living. If I weren’t in an upside down situation on my current home due to the real estate market I’d consider selling and moving to something smaller.

Most importantly, I really want to get this right now, while Carlitos is still young and I haven’t ruined him for life with all of the stuff. The last couple of Christmases I have gone WAY overboard, just excited I guess, so many things I think he would LOVE to play with, or really NEEDS for his development. Hello- we have four different sets of blocks, probably retailing for over $200, and Carlitos rarely even looks at them. He likes to take the rolls of toilet paper out of the bathroom and make castles from them, and then sit on top of it all. Talk about your multipurpose items, haha.

Have I ever told you about Flylady? I think I have, but if not, she offers a free email service to help you get your home *and life* in order. I love her. Here’s a link to her essay on decluttering- for everything in your home you should ask yourself- do I love it? do I use it? If you don’t love it, let it bless somebody else!

I’m making alot of my Christmas gifts this year- I may show you some of them as I complete them, but only the ones for people who I know are non-blog readers. I’m also planning on doing an Advent calendar this year with Carlitos- coming up with a new thing for us to do each day, holiday related yet not about gifts- besides what we’ll be making for other people. I’m considering a daily blog- (much shorter) for the holiday season with what we’re doing.

So that’s what’s new- it’s the most wonderful time of the year. I’m making some stuffed  Thanksgiving pumpkins to bring as a hostess gift- thanks for the idea Martha!

Here’s my list of things so far for the advent calendar- let me know if you have any suggestions!

Bake cookies
Ride around to see lights
Make reindeer food, watch Rudolph
make snowman craft, watch Frosty
Decorate wrapping paper
Wrap Christmas Presents
Shop for someone needy
Look through things to donate
Deliver Cookies
Go to library for Christmas books
Take Carlitos to church 
Sing some Christmas carols
Deliver Cookies to neighbors
Feed reindeer/Read Night before christmas/Put out Santa’s cookies
christmas cards
trainride with santa

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8 Responses to Yahoo, it’s almost Christmas!

  1. Heidi says:

    I particularly like the ‘deliver cookies to the neighbors’ item. 🙂

    How about buying groceries and bringing them to the Food Bank?

    Selby Gardens has a holiday lights extravaganza if you want to add that as well.

  2. Noreen Dengler says:

    Hey I almost read this one right on time. You have my favorites on your list, we always ride around looking at peoples decorations and bake cookies. Visiting famiy is always great, cousins in from all over. Enjoy! Love ya, Noreen

  3. Christine says:

    Ok, first? Your new header – I love, love, love it! So cute! Ok, now my recommendation… my favorite of all the old Christmas shows is “The Year Without a Santa Claus”, for many reasons. There’s Shirley Booth and Mickey Rooney and because now we live in Southtown – and also, my husband has hair like Heat Miser when it gets too long, so that’s what we call him (it’s also his avatar on FB and Twitter). Also, you can’t forget the paper snowflakes. My kids are older and we don’t really do that stuff anymore – maybe I’ll come to your house.=)

    • debratap says:

      Ah, paper snowflakes, we just watched Elf and I noticed them too- they are a definite! And of course year without a Santa- I bought one of those collections last year, I don’t remember what’s in it, i’m crossing my fingers!

  4. Jeanine says:

    Love the pumpkins! So glad I’m hosting 😉 I have to get my advent calendar. We should check out the Live Nativity a little down from you toward I75 =)

  5. rebecca says:

    Once again, you have done it. Inspired me and made me so thankful for all you are and all you do! I LOVE FLY LADY!!
    I say this everytime. I hope I get to see you and Carlitos sometime!

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