Back to Work! Or thinking about thinking about getting back to work anyway…


Warning- this is NOT the same Living it Up you’ve been seeing lately. No pictures of people at the beach, floating in pools and drinking beer. My hope with this blog is to have it evolve in a few different areas- parenting, art, life coaching, life purpose, consciousness, cooking, Feng Shui, travel, and writing. Ok, and parties and beaches and beer. And anything else that pops up that I find interesting along the way, I am the Queen here. I’ve added a tab to include Resources, which I will fill in as I go along.

So I started this Christine Kane Uplevel your life program. It’s 7 weeks of self work, to get yourself out of your own way, change your mindsets etc.

 I tend to be a program junkie, whether it’s about self help, exersize, dieting, becoming a parent, being an artist, writing, whatever.  I have probably got 15-20 different books/programs, cds etc re:improving your life, figuring out who you are etc. This goes with the 15-20 health/diet/exersize/healthy cooking books and programs I have hanging around. Maybe I will make a list of all of them that I can remember, plus the current ones in my house. Oy vey, that would be quite a project! With all of this material you’d think I’d be perfect by now.

I am also a certified life and career coach. I haven’t so far done anything with it besides use the tools for myself and a few friends- Ok , I guess that IS something, but not my original intention.

Anyway, what I wanted to talk about is the tool from the Uplevel Your life program that I’m working with today- it’s about purposely setting your intention for each thing  you do. Not only being clear about what you want in your life re: the big things, like wanting a new career, a house, or even just a new couch.

It’s about setting an intention for each situation you encounter during the day. Which requires being conscious during the day- in itself a task.

One of my intentions over the next 7 weeks is to treat my body with respect. Give it enough sleep, good healthy food, exersize, etc. For me that includes staying conscious of my habit of eating when I’m not really hungry, or not knowing it’s time to stop. Christine suggests asking yourself the following 4 questions before each event (making a phone call, eating a meal, attending a meeting, going to the gym, etc).

1. Who you want to be in the situation

2. How you want to feel.

3. Desired internal outcome.

4. The best-case scenario.

So for me, it’s lunchtime, I’m hungry, so –

1-      I want to be someone who treats their body with respect by eating healthy foods in the right amounts

2-     I want to feel relaxed and enjoy my lunch (homemade minestrone soup and a couple of sausage and peppers- it’s time to use it or toss it)

3-     I will feel light and satisfied

4-    The fridge will be cleaned out, I will feel good without feeling like I have to finish it all if I’ve already had enough

So it’s after lunch, and guess what? It worked! I feel great. We’ll see how I do tonight when I put Carlitos to bed, which is usually when I tend to overeat and then end up staying up too late.

It may not seem significant, but I think it’s a good step. The food on my plate that I didn’t finish went to the dog. Brooke Castillo (a lifecoach who focuses on weight loss) talks about deciding if you want to waste food by throwing it in the garbage, or waste it on your body- either way it’s food that you didn’t need. Poor Belle (my chubby Basset Hound), I’ll have to include her in the exersize portion of my plan.

I’m going to work on asking myself those 4 questions today. Especially for things I normally avoid or want to tune out for. Before I clean the house , before I get on the treadmill or go to the gym, before I think about looking for a job, before I pick Carlitos up and feed him and take him to the pool, before I put him to bed, before I call a friend,  before I do some writing (ok, fooled ya- I already did that one, and look a new blog post!). Who do you want to be? Let me know what you think if you try it.

I hope I’ve succeeded in sharing a tool that I’ve so far found to be enlightening. And I’ll throw in a picture of Carlitos and maybe some artsy fartsy photography in case you miss it too much.

Queen Anne's Lace, technically a weed

walk in the park


My name is Carlitos, and I challenge you to a dual with my spinning Nemo light sword

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2 Responses to Back to Work! Or thinking about thinking about getting back to work anyway…

  1. Ananda says:

    I am loving being part of the Intention each day. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Laurita

  2. Noreen Dengler says:

    I should be perfect too, with every book and CD I have about weight loss, and spirituality and healthy living. I like the four questions and am going to try it tomorrow. or even tonite, haven’t had dinner yet. I’m off from work for another week and trying to clear through the rubble, whih I’m hopeful will clear through some of the emotional rubble as well. Wish me luck, as I do you!

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