There’s no place like home!

Whew! We made it! 7 weeks of vacation, that was fun! We are sincerely happy to be home though.  I’ve gone away for the summer for most of my life. When I was a kid we used to close up the house on Long Island the day that school ended, pack up the car and move to our summer-house in Roxbury (Breezy Point) until the day after Labor Day. What cracks me up is that we rarely went back even for a day during the summer, meanwhile it was only about a 30 minute drive. I marveled when I grew up that it was so close, it felt like a world away. My friends and I used to write each other letters during the winter- calling 212 from 516 was expensive you know, back in the day when 718 didn’t even exist. Supposedly it’s tough to get a 718 number now, due to cell phones mainly I guess- I kept my old 718 number and it’s now on my cell, I wonder if I can sell it on ebay? 

Carlitos ran around the house when we got home yelling- Mommy, remember this? Rediscovering his toys, books, his own room (hallelujia!). I always enjoyed the carpeting after spending a summer on linoleum floors with sand in your shoes and your bed. And the variety of books and toys- I remember rereading the same Reader’s Digest and copy of Jaws summer after summer. There is something to be said for vacationing in the same place every year. 

I feel like I did my duty as a parent, exposing my son to so many things- people we love, things to do, places to see. Most of all my goal was to live it up and enjoy spending time with friends and family- who knows if we’ll be able to do it again next year. 

If you know me you know I like a good list. Here’s the best of the summer, things we did, stuff I’m thankful for: 

(you can reference my previous couple of posts for pictures of some of these occasions, and I apologize for the length- I had to catch up!) 

                                                       Georgia (2 weeks) 

  • Carlitos first baseball game – at Braves stadium you can bring your own food and beverages, just no glass or cans. We made 25 hotdogs, wrapped in tinfoil and packed together in a cooler and brought chips and water for the 10 of us. We figure at $8 a dog and $6 a bottle of water we saved upwards of $400. Cool!


Edith Ann left her chair here?



Danielle and Jake



  • My first time making pickles, cooking like Julia Child, eating like Paula Dean (get the stretchy pants out)


Paula Dean's french toast casserole


Everyone can't wait for the boeuf bourguignon 

Aunt Barbara went with the theme and wore her pearls



  • monastery visit, downtown McDonough, a Dwarf House,   Covington Square




  • 42 hours in the pool,  the Glee marathon and all my new Gleek family members,  laughing so hard at jokes my cousin told me that I thought I was going to need medical attention- or at least some new underpants

                 New York (Roxbury and Long Island) 4 weeks 

  • pina colada beach party,  4th of July fireworks on the beach, parade and kiddies day, running races
  • so many hours at the beach during the heat wave that I may have permanent waffles on my butt from the chair
  • Wounded Warriors parade, Carlitos first time clamming with Grandpa, and floating in a tube with Grandma
  • dinner at a great Italian restaurant in Brooklyn,  Coney Island boardwalk, and the requisite hotdog,  NY Aquarium, hot and full of summer campers
  • Day out sightseeing in Manhattan with one of our Georgia girls – FAO Schwartz, St Patricks, Times Square- good to see you NYC!



make your own muppet at FAO Schwartz- I was tempted!


Of course- even St Patricks has a gift shop!


giant M&M's dressed ast Lady Liberty



  • Dinner at Roll-N-Roaster in Sheepshead Bay



  • biking in Gateway, the ocean trail
  • catnaps and moontides, spider crabs, hermits and horseshoes, sunsets and sand, new friends and old ones


a little help from a friend


typical sunset from the deck


Moon tide, out on the rocks.


taking a leap



  • Carlitos first time at the ocean swimming, fun at the sugar shack
  • Roxbury Fire Department 100 year anniversary, Yikes 40th birthday party- it’s cool to hang out with your whole town at a beach party!


can you feel that happy?


4 hours after the face painting- whoa, what happened here?



A baby shower so good it took me 3 days to recover! 

Oh yeah, after the shower, stop 1.

Jeanine and Patty together again


Thank God we had Ann-Marie to drive!

Ok Katie, I remember your name now


There's the guest of honor

Oh boy, this is trouble, bar number 2 after the shower



  • seeing all the new family members    – including 3 sets of twins! You guys with the singletons, I almost feel like you guys were slacking off!



  • our first Build A Bear experience- where we adopted George Steinbrenner and Rosie the monkey, our official NY souveniers
  • My first Beef Wellington-made with love by Kim
  • swordfights and trainsets, first time on a big boy bike
  • historic tour of Wantagh with my old high school buddy- the old 5&10 (still there, selling what looks to be the same merchandise), the Lighthouse Diner, the train museum
  • lots of time to fool around with the camera
  • hiking a nature trail with 2 “Diego” adventurers, having to run from Coyotes every 2-3 minutes.

Just like Ansel Adams, right?


Carlitos' brudder from another mudder

the famous Beef Wellington

the chef- next time we want the recipe for rice and beans!



Now THAT'S a morter and pestle!




An impromptu pool party at my cousin’s- you know all of the Roxbury kids love a chance to get in a real pool after spending the whole summer in the bay! 

Long Island architecture



the hostess with the mostess

it's tough to have this much fun

Is that a shark?



A mohawk, a couple of tattoos, his summer look!



Mostly I had some great moments with Carlitos, and our friends and family. When I tell Carlitos something that makes him really happy, or I come up with a particularly entertaining bedtime story, he lets out a little whoop and grabs me by the face with two hands and gives me a whole lotta kisses. This is how I know when I’ve hit a home run. Here’s a little bit of that to everyone who we got to see and laugh and live with over the past 2 months- Woo hoo, kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss MMMMMMMMMMwah! Talk to you soon!


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6 Responses to There’s no place like home!

  1. Oh. My! What a trip! Fabulous pictures! So glad you had such a nice summer. Welcome home. I can’t believe the Lighthouse Diner is still there and now I have the Roll N’ Roaster jingle stuck in my head! Thanks a lot. =P

  2. MOM says:

    You and Carlito really did alot this summer and he will be able to look back on it all and realize what a great mommy he has. We miss you all.

  3. Deb- yet another fantastic blog! We miss you guys already and really wish you could have stayed a bit longer! Always great seeing you and Carlito! Hopefully, I’ll get to see you guys in sunny Fl this winter! Enjoy!

  4. rebecca says:

    Sounded SO WONDERFUL!! Glad you’re back down here with us.
    Happy School Year Carlitos!

  5. Noreen Dengler says:

    I must say, seeing the summer in Roxbury through your eyes makes it that much more wonderful. Thanks for the great read. Looking forward to more. I sit with my tea and close the door and enjoy! Love you! Keep SMilin’

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