What happened to St Francis’s head?


And why is the statue still there? Just traveling around, if you pay attention there’s some funny stuff out there. How about this pine cone cross? We went to the local monastery for a picnic lunch and enjoyed some shopping as well. I have a thing for religious statues. My Mother says with all of the religious paraphernalia I have in my kitchen you’d think I went to church. HA.


The other night we were in the pool at my cousin’s house, when a bat decided to join us for a midnight swim. Yes, a real bat! He did a low dive for a drink, jumped into the middle of the pool and then swam to the side. We had to rescue him with a toy shovel. He stopped by the next morning for a little snack-  ugh, these things are disgusting!


Laura and I went and had a pedicure the other day at her favorite nail salon. It was like that episode of Seinfeld, there were 6 of them carrying on a conversation around us in Vietnamese.  I just kept telling myself they’re talking about what they’re going to cook for dinner and not squealing about the callous on my feet, or the spot I missed shaving. Next time I’m going to bring Carlitos with me- he’s been practicing toe spacing and waxing his legs and eyebrows with the scotch tape.


Lunch out, we stopped in at the dwarf house at the local Chick-Fil-A – we had to duck to get in! Except for Carlitos. Barbeque is big here, we ate at Mad Dog’s yesterday, delish. Mad Dog himself seemed a little over the hill and grumpy if you asked me- there’s a sign in the restaurant that you can’t use your cell phone on line, and they dole out the ketchup like it’s gold. And if you know me you know how I feel about ketchup- I enjoy a fry with my ketchup, not the other way around.


Bluberries are in season and I’m still fooling around with the camera- don’t worry, we’re bound to run out of fresh fruit and vegetables for me to photograph eventually!

We made some lady fingers just like my Nan with the leftover pie dough. Yummy.


The pickles and pies queen- here she is all set for our picnic at the monastery. She travels with a tablecloth in case of just such an event. We’re already down one quart of the 22  she made. Of course she is pushing them on everyone, even infants!

It’s good to see everybody. We’re going to a Braves game tomorrow, planning a camp out in the backyard and cooking ala Julia Child this weekend. Bring your pearls!



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Mom, artist, analyst- taking some time to figure it all out!
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4 Responses to What happened to St Francis’s head?

  1. jackie dohohoe says:

    i love you ,,, who are the twins?

  2. rebecca says:

    loved the nail salon episode!! And Carlitos attempts at waxing and nail separation~

  3. MOM says:

    Great pictures. Carlito will remember this visit.

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