Going on Staycation …

So we’re heading back to Georgia and New York soon on our annual trip North for summer- very exciting! I think if you go the same places every year and stay with relatives it counts as a staycation. Looking for fun things to do close to home for little $$$.  Lots of last minute running around, getting the house ready, washing everything we own so we can pack. I swear we are packing light this time! Did you ever notice that when you’re going away everything you wear for the week before you go becomes your favorite, and you have to quickly wash it so you can bring it?

We have bad pee karma here lately, so I feel a need to wash the rugs, upholstery and bed stuff before we leave, so I won’t have to deal with it when I get back. Carlitos has an accident most of the time when he naps, and sometimes when he’s distracted doing something else. He’s also experimenting with how far he can go- the trashcan in the bathroom had an inch of unidentified liquid in it the other day, and when I smelled it I figured out what it was- BOYS! Plus the dog is old and can’t always make it to morning, so she now goes on a towel in the kitchen if she can’t. Save me.

Anywhoo, last time I was in Georgia we took a quick trip to see one of the many town squares they have around. It was pretty cool- kind of reminded me of upstate NY, but hotter and with a civil war theme.

I kept expecting to see George McFly speed past in a Delorean.


There were alot of antique stores, two cupcake bakeries, and a used bookshop with thousands of dusty old books stacked to the ceiling, complete with a whole section of comics. It was like stepping into a time warp. I enjoyed playing with the camera and trying to get some good artsy pictures of flowers, my specialty.

We have two more town squares to see, a baseball game, Stone Mountain park and the local monastery on the agenda. Plus alot of sitting by the pool and playing scrabble, some good books, new recipes and crafty projects.

And then on to the big Apple! The list grows longer, there are so many things Carlitos hasn’t experienced yet. Hooray for summer!


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8 Responses to Going on Staycation …

  1. MOM says:



  2. linda says:

    Did you get tiks yet for Promises? I can send you discounts on shows.not as good as TKTS but it’s still a deal. Let me know. I better get to see you this time — no ifs, ands or butts! 😉


  3. jackie dohohoe says:

    when are you arriving????


  4. rebecca says:

    love the pictures and yes the delorean or a flying skateboard. The pictures of the flowers are exceptionally beautiful, only to be surpassed by paintings I have seen of flowers at someone’s house!


  5. Laurita says:

    Hope you will be taking orders on your travels for all of your amazing designs that can be gifts and really add to any home, family or friend. Actually could I contract you to do one for my new niece? We will have to talk, but Addison is getting her new room and there are 5 other people my sister knows that might want to do something as well. Lots of showers you know. Love and Hugs my creative friend. Glad you got there safe. 🙂 Also glad you chose pullups for the drive. Good choices mommy deb!


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