It doesn’t take much to entertain us!

Cooking dinner the other night, Carlitos is in the living room watching tv, and I keep hearing this noise- WAP. WAP. 30 seconds later- WAP. What the ???? 

It’s Carlitos with a squishy whale he “borrowed” from his cousins. I ask him what he is doing- his cousin told him this toy sticks to the ceiling. Oh boy. And guess what? He’s right. Apparantly so does his squishy frog. Throwing these toys and trying to get them to stick to the ceiling was good for 1/2 an hour of jumping, giggling and screeching. Awesome. 

On our last trip to Georgia we took a couple of hikes near Arabia Mountain- Carlitos started each walk whining, I don’t WANT to go , I CAN’T walk, I’m TOO HOT, I need a DRINK, oy vey, is there some sort of auto-whine programmed in to kids that you have to convince them somehting is going to be fun before they can relax and enjoy it? I remember doing it to my parents too. Once we got him going though, he had a blast, racing ahead of me down the forest trail, looking for lions in the jungle.

Fast forward to the lake, throwing some bread in the water, I turn around and whoops, Carlitos has slipped in, completely underwater. Well, at least now I can stop yelling at him to stop stomping in puddles and getting his shoes wet. On the way back on the trail he was able to walk, run, skip and jump his way through puddles that were up to his knees in some spots- he even tried swimming in it. Again I wonder if he is going to remember or appreciate the glory of it all- out in the green green forest, full of joy, freedom, living it up.

Maybe these moments are more for us than them? I know how good I felt watching him. I get a little misty thinking of it now. 



Can I take my clothes off now?

As I’m writing this Carlitos has decided to apply his own suntan lotion, fun fun fun!  I told him we’re going to the pool, he decided to get himself ready. He was very proud of the job he did, but didn’t understand why he doesn’t need lotion on his private parts- try explaining where the sun don’t shine to a 3 year old. 

finally getting to use those cow corn on the cob holders I bought in 1999!
Here’s a few other little things that have entertained us this month- how are YOU living it up today?  

Hanging out with cousins

Crazy sock day at school

really good peaches



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7 Responses to It doesn’t take much to entertain us!

  1. Aunt Dar says:

    He’s to funny!! Can’t wait to see you guys.

  2. Aunt Dar says:

    Hes to funny! Can’t wait to see you guys.

  3. debratap says:

    We can’t wait to see you either! Looking forward to some sun and fun in good old Roxbury- I don’t know if I’ll be able to get in the water though, after 87 degrees here!

  4. Christine says:

    So great Deb. What great fun and he’s so adorable! It doesn’t take much to entertain us either. I think I’d love one of those squishies.

  5. Laurita says:

    I miss being part of all these great adventures and silly things! Love and Hugs, L

  6. rebecca says:

    Rebeccita says Keep it up girl!! I love these real life stories!

  7. jackie dohohoe says:

    boy oh boy can you put life into unforgetable everyday words that make it soooo special. cant wait till i see you and carlito

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