Carlitos has a LOTTA cousins!

Well, I am really enjoying the blogging. There’s so much I want to tell you – even if it’s just a printout for my boy when he gets older. Carlitos and I just got home from a visit to see some of our family in Georgia, and throughout our long weekend I found myself wanting to photograph everything- just in case I needed it for the blog. I have enough material for an entire chapter in a book.

So we got a late start to our trip, the DVD player broke sometime within the 10 minutes before we left, and we had to run out and get a new one. 8 hours in a car with a 3 year old and no videos would be torture- what did we used to do? I remember road trips with my family, fighting over the way back seat in the station wagon, and alot of time reading books, daydreaming, singing along to the radio and jumping back and forth over the seats, wacking somebody in the eye with your elbow in the days before seat belt laws.


We got there Friday evening after a slightly stressful final hour in the car of getting caught in thunderstorms- this was the first time I have ever heard the emergency broadcast system actually used for something besides ruining my tapes of Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 radio when I was a kid. I heard at least 10 warnings for severe thunderstorms, high winds, hail the size of golfballs, tornadoes, etc, all while Carlitos had just woken up from his nap and decided he was hungwy and firsty, wanted a new movie in, etc.  The most stressful part was not knowing what county I was in to decide if the dark clouds I was seeing should make me pull us over or not. Come on, we were making good time- funny how becoming a Mom can turn you into more of a chicken though- suddenly responsible for and to someone besides yourself.

 So we finally arrived at “Waura from Georgia’s” house (not to be confused with “Waura from across the street”) While touring the vegetable garden out back before we had dinner, I look over at Carlitos who has taken off his clothes and is begging to go in the pool. I find I am constantly questioning myself- is this a potential wonderful memory? Am I going to be a cool Mom, or is it a mistake to let him jump naked into the cold pool after he’s been sick for the past 3 days? ` 

All right, cold doesn’t make you sick, germs do, go ahead. After 8 hours in the car, this kid needs to burn off some energy, as long as I don’t have to get in with him. Fun fun fun. I feel like half of the fun of having a kid is feeling like you are living that joy right along with them- leaping through the air, landing in the ice cold water and wooping it up. 



So Carlitos is relatively new to this planet, and making sure he gets to know everyone in his family, near and far, is important to me. There is nothing in this world like having people that you know and love and that know and love you, even when you only get to see them once in a while. Having someone who remembers you when you were 4, 14, 24, 45- how you used to hide the monopoly money in the pool table pockets, who wheeled you home in a red wagon to your Mom with a bleeding toe, slept over for school vacations and put rollers in your hair, these are the important things.

That’s me and my cousins Laura and Lisa, circa 1966. (Waura from Georgia is in the middle). Followed by new cousins we’re creating relationships with- which now makes me one of the grown ups- and my parents the grandparents, and Great Aunts and Uncles- how did that happen?

Every night when I put Carlitos to bed I ask him what his favorite things were from the day- let me tell you it is tough not to re-hash some of the not so pleasant events of the day and try and drive my point home about the merits of not banging the tv with his golf clubs, but I don’t want him drifting off to sleep with poor behavior on his mind. So on the first full day there my cousin made us a beautiful breakfast of homemade waffles, bacon, fresh fruit. Carlitos got to play with two of his cousins that are his age, the twin baby boys, see the Lion King for the first time, hike a mountain trail, fall into a lake, stomp through 12″ deep puddles, play store with a bunch of granite rocks, skinny dip in the pool again, blow bubbles outside  and fall asleep watching bugs bunny on his personal DVD player. I asked him what his favorite thing was, thinking for sure it would relate to one of the adventures of the day-nope. I got to see those babies Mommy. Yeah, he’s getting it.


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6 Responses to Carlitos has a LOTTA cousins!

  1. rebecca says:

    I loved reading it. Carlitos is so cool. I am anxious to see him live. Maybe I will before Waura across the street leaves!!!
    Have so much fun and enjoy the moments so much!

    • debratap says:

      Hey Rebecca, I would love to see you! We may try and get together before Laura leaves, I’ll let you know a date/time. Do you have plans on Monday?

  2. That was very nice and I glad that you made it safely to your destination. I, on the other hand, am a big baby, and would have become panic stricken and pulled over. These are the special moments, from what I am told, that you/we will remember in life, which also bring us much joy. I am not a mother but I am an Aunt who has always treasured the moments with my neices and newphews while they were growing. I loved the time with them as children, teenagers and now some are becoming young adults which is another road to cross. OH, WHAT A ROAD IT IS!!!!!!

    • debratap says:

      Thanks Deb- I know just what you mean! What’s fun for me with this blog is being able to put that joy into words, and that helps me recognize it better. For many years I was the Aunt, which is a nice seat to be in- have some fun and then give them back!

  3. Aunt Dar says:

    Deb, I just love reading your blogs! They’re great. It brings back memories of all the cousins when you were younger, and raising my own kids. I wish we had this stuff when I was younger. When Ann went to China to get Tom and I watched Jessica, I kept a book about everything we did while they were gone and gave it to Ann for Jess when she gets older, I wish I had kept it up. Keep those blogs going!!!

    • debratap says:

      Thanks Aunt Dar- I’m loving it too, I’m hoping to just print them out and put them in a book for Charlie. So much easier than scrapbooking, and I can share it with everyone as I do it!

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