Ah, the benefits of unemployment…

So Carlitos has been home sick for the past couple of days, feels like a week to me. My plan was to have him go to school Mon, Tues Weds this week, (versus MWF, our usual schedule) so we could take the dog and hit the open road for a visit to our relatives in Georgia, kind of a test run to see how we do before we take the big drive to NY for the summer trip. I already have a jar in the car for the recently potty trained. One of my cousins there is also not working, and we have really been enjoying getting together over the past couple of months.

  Last time she came to visit, we dressed as Julia Child (ok, we just wore pearls) and made her famous Bouf Borguignon-

Which I must say was the most delicious thing I have EVER made. I think it was about 2000 calories for a serving though. Plus we have been doing some life coaching, she’s also trying to figure out what she wants to do for a job now- it’s tough for her though, she has her twin grandsons living with her, and who would want to do anything but hang around with these guys?

So anyway, he’s been sick, fever, coughing ALOT, he sounds like the last gurgle of water when it gets sucked out of the tub, ugh. Now that I am home with him and not working, I notice that when he’s home sick, I am barely motivated to even unload the dishwasher. What is up with that? So many things I want to do (a dozen books to read, projects in the house, art quilting, painting, doing the photo albums/scrapbooks, my blog, oh yeah, thinking about a job, etc), and we’re lucky I’m cooking dinner at night. Instead I entertain Carlitos by letting him take 200 pictures of me making funny faces.

I’ve also been really focused (ok, slightly obsessed) on taping vintage superhero movies that I feel are so important for him to see and love. Never mind all the new stuff, what about Superman, Batman and Robin, Robin Hood- heroes you can really look up to, and I can enjoy also! The best find was the Batman movie that they’re playing on HBO this month- with all of the stars and characters from the show I used to watch after school in the 70’s- the Penguin, the Riddler, Catwoman, the batmobile and even the bat boat and helicopter. Ah, the memories.

Unfortunately I have created a monster- Carlitos is now running around with a cape on, leaping from the couch to the floor, launching himself into the air in order to make the cape fly out behind him. He’s turned the dogs favorite spot behind my chair into the Batcave, and she’s not too happy about it.

Do you think it’s mean of me to not give him the Tylenol so he will lay down and rest for a while?

Oh yes, off topic as usual. So what are the benefits of unemployment? Being able to take an impromptu trip, change the dates last minute, not use up my sick time, and oh yes, spend 72 hours hanging out with my boy watching superhero movies and not feel guilty about it! Living it up here in sunny Sarasota, hope you are too!

Oh, and I thought I would add a new feature- mess of the week. This week’s mess features table drawings that I left to wash off till the following day as they were drawn with an erasable marker, and they were not so erasable after all!

Can you see my portrait on the right?


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6 Responses to Ah, the benefits of unemployment…

  1. Noreen Dengler says:

    Maybe you should write a book?? Keep putting blogs together, who knows….. So when are you coming to NY? Definitely have more time on my hands, no papers to write or chapters to read. Unless of course they’re for pleasure.
    Great post. Love ya!

  2. Laurita says:

    Hey there sunshine! We miss you and Charlie though I am so glad you were able to take the trip to Georgia. Your question was about the Tylenol…I really thought it was so he could breath and that is what gave him energy??

  3. Laurita says:

    Well, aside from the permanent marker….his fine motor skills to make such a great circle at that age is pretty impressive. Try the Mr. Magic Eraser, or if I get my resume, I will try when I water your plants. Hugs, L

  4. Teri Gresser says:

    So it seems you’re not the only artist in the family. How cute is this kid! I can’t wait to see him (and you too). Sorry I missed your call the other day, I would have loved to chat. Let me know when you are heading to NY.
    Miss You.
    Love, Teri

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