Need a new name for my son!

So- according to some things I’ve been reading, it’s not a good idea to use your kids real names online. Well, that cat is out of the bag in some other forums, but for my new blog I plan to do the right thing. Chances are half of what goes on here will be about him, so I want to get it right. Anyone reading this knows my boy, so feel free to vote on what you think is the best, or make a suggestion- so far I have come up with :

Dennis – for Dennis the Menace, but that’s what my sister calls my nephew, so maybe not

Max– for one of his favorite characters, Max the bunny of Max and Ruby fame, but we have a cousin with a son whose real name is Max, so I guess we can forget about that.

Flash– he is pretty fast, and pretended to be that kid from the Incredibles for a couple of days after he saw that movie, that’s a contender.

Fibber McFibface– ok, I just like the way that sounds, but I can’t imagine writing it regularly. I only use this one when he is caught in a blatant lie, which really he’s usually pretty honest. He alerts me every time he has to pee. This goes along with Sloppy McSlopface and Freshy McFreshface– maybe I better stop calling him these names?

Spanky might fit, he is a little rascal, loveable, charming….

There are some great things about being a single parent- what I say goes, there’s no-one to undermine my authority, and we have a pretty close relationship. One of the downsides can be that there isn’t anyone to share all of the little loveable things that your kids do- lucky for me that there’s Facebook and now this blog- I just love being able to tell the world about my precious boy. Who by the way is climbing up the cabinets naked now, using the drawer pulls as steps, to get the fishfood because he feels that Fweeda is hungwy. God I love that kid.


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2 Responses to Need a new name for my son!

  1. Noreen Dengler says:

    Now that’s what parenting is all about. I constantly look at Jimmy after Annie has done something and say God I love that kid. SO say on the blog and we’ll all listen.

  2. Laurita says:

    I love Charlito…you are an amazing mom! What a great path I would have been on had you been my mother. Though I love mine all the same, just a thought. Just happy we are friends and I get to be part of all of the adventures the three of you have together.

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